Okay, we at SwaggerScan.com realize that we cover very important topics that involve sex.  Because of this, one could assume that our service is all about having ‘hookups’ when its so much more.  Dating on our site really depends on the personal preference of each member.  Our focus is to offer a safe alternative to online dating no matter the phase each dater experiences.

If you are looking for your soulmate, SwaggerScan is a place where you both can be proud you met and gleefully tell your family and friends how your love story began.  If you like to play the field, what better place to test your ‘mack-daddy’ skills than on a dating site like Swaggerscan where you meet other members that know their status.  You see, similar to a luxury jetliner or a four-door sports car, SwaggerScan.com can comfortably operate at whichever dating speed it’s ‘driver’ insists.  Also, just as one is does while traveling in luxury, SwaggerScan members carry a certain prestige from having an account with us.

The question isn’t how it works but rather how YOU will use it.  The most important thing to understand is that SwaggerScan is an app to help AVOID sexually transmitted diseases and you may use based on your personal preference. The majority of those that practice safety during intimacy will understand that this way of meeting people

#SafeSexMajority #BiggerThanADatingSite

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