SwaggerScan.com was created to offer a safer alternative to online dating, to give people a much needed reason to get tested, and to help stabilize the STD/STI epidemic.

🎗Considering intimacy with a new partner?  We hope you remember some of our important ‘awareness dating’ strategies from previous posts.  If not, here’s a helpful reminder to stay ‘Married To The Game’ and ‘Always Scan Your Swagger’! WE PRESENT OUR — ‘Considering Intimacy’ checklist:  Ask if they’ve ever been tested before and, if so, whether they’ve had any sexual encounters since testing (be sure to validate the results).  Insist on condom use!

We cannot stress the importance of using condoms enough!  Gone are the days when the push for wearing them was to limit the risk of an unplanned pregnancy.  New STDs cases are skyrocketing everywhere (which is the reason for our commitment to providing a socially responsible dating option). And there are at least (2) two incurable diseases which can be contracted from a simple kiss. Take an audit of your partner’s body and genital region (please research —genital warts, herpes, gonorrhea). *Note: Some STDs can go undetected and, without proper testing, your partner could be unaware of their own condition.  Lastly, If you choose to avoid the ‘health and awareness’ chat with your mate, you are asking for trouble.  When the timing is right, intimate moments can be a welcomed thing.  But unexpected and subsequently unplanned intimacy means you are more likely to be unprepared.  During these moments you should remember that relationships don’t last forever and that your personal health is paramount.  Ensure your own personal safety by disallowing unexpected moments to override good judgment.  Ask as many questions as possible!  Insist on condom use.  In the long run, your careful ways will appreciated and valued.  Remember, safety is and should be an aphrodisiac

Never been tested? Here’s food for thought: If you never get tested you’ll never know that you are negative and have a clean bill of health (which gives you a tremendous sense of self-worth and self-pride). As SwaggerScan.com grows, you will encounter more people who insist on knowing your status before the consideration of dating.

Fact: Nearly every STDs/STIs is passed by those who aren’t aware that they have it.




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