🎗Law of Intimate Virtue #1: If you have to ask then you also have to check!

During intimacy, there should be a mutual approach to sexual health. Now that STDs/STIs have reached epidemic levels in our society, we must raise the bar when it comes to defining safe sex. Yesterday can’t be changed of course, but SwaggerScan.com can help navigate through plenty of fish in today’s sea. Along with being a member of this timely site, you’ll also need to upgrade a few personal habits to defeat the issues we face in today’s dating climate.
For instance, there must be shared responsibility for remembering to wear contraceptives but we also suggest paying attention to your partners’ concern for such. If your partner needs to be reminded to wear a condom then this is clearly a red flag. In forgetting something so important, your partner undoubtedly shows a lack of value for safe sex (or ‘always scanning his swagger’) and should not be trusted until they can verify that they’ve recently tested. Assuming that your partner is safe (“Trust without Verification”) will put you at risk of becoming infected and, of course, there is no swagger in riskiness.

Here is SwaggerScan’s first offering of virtue for avoiding STDs/STIs:

If at any time during intimacy, you have to ask or remind your partner to wear protection, you must consider this a red flag and become immediately concerned with ‘Scanning Their Swagger’ (in other words, ask that they present recent test results). Your partner may have a history of intimate oversights and lapses in judgment – therefore may also be a carrier of a sexual infection. Most people don’t have an up-to-date account of being tested for sexual infections yet 1 in 4 are carriers and 1 in 5 don’t know they are carriers. Today, there just aren’t enough societal-reminders of regular testing, which is why you must hold any intimate partner accountable for knowing their status.

*When it comes to the pursuit of a love through online dating, nothing is more important than knowing your own status.  Anything less will garner limited leverage when it comes to expecting the same from your mate.  You do expect you intimate partner to get tested, don’t you?




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