🎗Looking for a new option for your next date?  We understand and would like to help by offering Swagger to your next night out with your ‘new boo’.  The usual ‘dinner and a movie’ can appear typical and robotic.  If things between the two of you are very new or you’ve yet to establish a healthy mix of ideas to your date nights, take a look at these options for an experience you both will remember:

1) #SportingEvent – Make sure to select her favorite and try either sitting in comfortable box-seats where you can converse and get to know each other, or try sitting as close to the main event as possible which should inspire lasting memories.

2)  #Picnic – Make sure to bring along insect repellent!

3) #BicycleRide to an outside #Brunch setting – this cool first date could set you apart from all former suitors

4)  Visit an #ArtMuseum – Perfect opportunity to show your depth and also learn a few things about art yourself.

5)  #ThemePark #Carnival or #CountyFair – This option is always a great idea with lots of laughs and good fun.  Make sure to win her a teddy bear.

6)  #StandupComedy – Another great option for laughs of course.  If the comedian singles you out, be sure to remember that his/her jokes are all in fun and should present the opportunity to show your date that you can take a joke.

7)  #GymWorkout – Careful with this one because the gym maybe harboring her ex or some other avoidable entity.  Be sure to consult with your date before bringing her to your gym.  Haven’t worked out in a while?  You may want to get in a few workouts to build up your endurance before taking your date to the gym.

8)  #WineTasting – Be sure to discuss this option with your date.  Your date could be quietly struggling with alcoholism and should not be tempted or enticed.

9)  #DinnerByTheSea – Can’t go wrong with this option.  If you discover that the both of you are sea-lovers, try to also add a boat ride.

10)  #CharityEvent – Great idea!  If you choose this option, be sure to set aside a few coins to actually donate while in attendance.

11)  #DoubleDate w/friends – Bringing another couple along could be very fun.  The other couple may serve as great advice givers on whether you two should seek a follow-up date.

12)  #Parasailing – Whether you’ve done it before or you both have never been parasailing, this is a great option that should display your adventurous side.

13)  (Mutually chosen) #LiveMusicalEvent or #Concert – Although it will be hard pressed to hear each other, this is an awesome opportunity to begin creating lasting memories together.

14)  #FoodFestival – Can’t go wrong.

15)  #Church – Be sure to discuss this option before you both pull into the parking lot of your favorite sanctuary.

16)  #FondueRestaurant – Surprisingly romantic and healthy.

17)  #Karaoke – Can’t go wrong.  Pull out your camera phones!

18)  #CarShow – The only reason this option should be avoided is if you do not own a car.

19)  #LongWalkInThePark – Can’t go wrong.  Choose a safe location with plenty of visual beauty.

20)  One of the best ways to win her trust is by making an appointment with a local health clinic to #GetTestedTogether.


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