🎗SwaggerScan is a dating site that promotes safety and awareness. When it comes to intimate encounters, we at SwaggerScan realize that most people aren’t waiting for #marriage. While we don’t condone intimacy by way of ‘hookups’, we want to equip those that do with some important #rules may save your ‘intimate career’ (and maybe your life).

Here are a few important rules to remember:

  1. Must discuss health history – Although it takes just one encounter to contract a disease, those who’ve had sex (safe sex we hope) with multiple partners are more likely to have an STD. According to the CDC, 1 in 5 people with HIV are unaware.
  2. Wear protection – Our theory is that if a woman is the first to ask the man to wear protection, she should be alarmed because the person may have a history of oversight during intimate encounters.
  3. Examine your partner’s body before you begin – Again, because there are a percentage of people unaware that they are carriers, you must protect yourself with this method. Look for genital discoloration, skin breakage or dry skin around the genital region, bumps or boils, and smell.
  4. (MSM) Use lubrication – lube helps prevent both skin breakage and condom breakage.
  5. Enjoy – Sex is meant to be safe, fun and sacred, but we at SwaggerScan.com are here to remind you that sex must also be a healthy experience.  Your intimate partner should value themselves just as you do.  Protect your life & sexual health by using these ideologies and #AlwaysScanYourSwagger




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