🎗Our message to all Singles world wide: 

Please understand that HIV does NOT have a distinguishable characteristic. According to kidshealth.org, many of those infected do NOT have any symptoms at all for 10 yrs or longer.  If we truly want to stop HIV in its tracks we must realize how it is spread.  HIV can be spread through any type of unprotected sex if one of the partners has the virus. Sharing needles to inject drugs or steroids is another way that HIV can be passed to other people. Sharing of needles for tattoos, piercings, and body art can also lead to infection. Someone with HIV who shares a needle also shares the virus, which lives in the tiny amounts of blood attached to the needle. Sharing needles also can pass hepatitis and other serious infections to another person.

Ask yourself – what is the most important thing/things to learn about someone when getting to know them. Is it their favorite color? Their favorite food or travel destination? Or should it be something else?  Have you seen the latest statistics for sexually transmitted diseases around the world?  Do you know the statistics in your city or province?  We challenge you to do a quick search on the internet to access this info.  We challenge you to KNOW YOUR STATUS and ask your intimate partner about testing.  Remember, you’ll have more leverage to ask if you know your own status.

TIP: Imagine how your partner will respond when you reveal your ‘safety first’ approach to getting to know them

We know that being single may be a bummer sometimes so here are a few ideas to enjoy your single life:


1) CLEAN OUT YOUR PHONE – Delete all of your ‘possibles’ and start fresh

2) HIT THE GYM – It’s a perfect way to sidestep a day of being depressed about being #single

3) ATTEND A SOCIAL GATHERING – an outside festival or event, church service, athletic event, visit friends, etc.

4) DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE – Here’s a great idea – gather unwanted clothes and give to goodwill.

5) IF YOU’RE FINE WITH BEING ALONE THEN SLEEP IN TO RECHARGE FOR A GREAT WEEK AHEAD – If you’ve been diligent with your health and aren’t concerned about your caloric intake, snack away!

6) JOIN SWAGGERSCAN.COM – don’t just avoid being lonely and depressed about being alone on Valentines Day!  Join early to help avoid the gift that keeps on giving!


Top 5 hashtags #singles can use to find others who value knowing their status:

5) #letsgettestedtogether

4) #iknowmystatus

3) #igottested

2) #SwaggerScanandChill

1) #AlwaysScanYourSwagger

It’s better to be single wishing you were married than married wishing you were single”  -Unknown


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