🎗Below are our Top 10 places for singles in the U.S.  To keep things short-and-sweet, we will use a phrase or a one word adjectives to describe each city listed.  SwaggerScan reminds anyone who’s sexually active to #AlwaysScanYourSwagger (meaning – always get tested, always know your partner’s status, and always have contraceptives). 

  1. Miami – With the influx of vacationers, commuters and those moving to this tropical destination every second of the day,  Miami is truly the nation’s melting pot for single people.
  2. Los Angeles – Despite the heavy traffic, ‘the city of angels’, which flaunts a population of over 4 million people (and most of which are single), is notorious for having the most in beautiful people, per square-foot.
  3. New York – Outdoor concerts, outdoor dining and romantic rooftop bars are all great places to fall in love!
  4. Dallas – This humongous southwestern city has Texas-sized opportunity, both professionally as well as romantically.  While Dallas is full of diversity, everyone who lives here proudly owns a pair of cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  No, everyone.
  5. San Francisco – ‘Frisco’ is a highly underrated destination for singles because of it’s scenic beauty, world-class cuisines, cultural attractions and diverse communities.
  6. Seattle – Despite the gray skies, this vibrant green northwest city boasts plenty of great settings for singles including beaches, mountains and awesome nightlife.
  7. Minneapolis – Five words – beautiful, safe, smart, variety and friendly!
  8. San Diego – Relaxing, sunny and fun are a few words to describe this eclectic town that features an array of natural beauty/beauties.
  9. Austin – This booming tech town serves up brunch with live DJs, college football, and, if you’ve never been, you’ll learn what ‘Taco Tuesday’s’, Kumback Place and ‘watering hole’ all mean (not what you think!).
  10. Denver – At 5,280 feet above sea level, Denver Colorado features the best restaurants/nightlife, a growing tech community, the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and now, a successful sports franchise that ads to the pulse of the city, which makes this a great place to live for singles.


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