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🎗The importance of going on a date with someone would be to re-confirm initial attractions (whatever those might be) and determine if there’s a mutual interest to continue getting to know each other.  First dates, which set the tone for any future dates with this person, represent the opening ceremonies for the ‘bae-hunger’.  In fact, adverting any unwanted scenarios and even health risks (The CDC’s  recent released a report revealing that 1 in 4 Americans between the ages of 15-24 have had an STD) may rely heavily on your approach. 

Previous to reading this article, you may have never before considered needing a dating approach for AVOIDING STDs but hopefully now you will.  The importance of asking the right questions on your first date is now paramount but there are also questions you’ll need to avoid early on.  Below are a list of “10 Things You Should Never Talk About on a First Date”


1. Too many personal questions.  While your awareness of risks-while-dating may have now been heightened and it makes total sense, asking too many health-related questions is a turnoff and could destroy romance if done wrong.  On a first date, it is less important to find out how sexually prolific your date is than it would be to find out whether they currently have an STD #AlwaysScanYourSwagger

2. Yourself.  No one wants to be considered dull or boring which gives reason to listing your most notable life accomplishments and current involvements.   But, unless you were in the Rio Olympics, leave your gold medal at home and focus on the most important things on a first date – health risks and if the person adds up to your dating standards.  (This also includes previous relationships, your worth or personal finances, or your athletic prowess)

3. Your social media accounts/activity.  Some first dates go over so well that both parties connect on social media, which sounds great if social media is where the two of you actually found each other.  But social media is a place private to most internet goers and your personal accounts, which may feature close friends and family, shouldn’t be revealed so early in the get-to-know process.  Better being safe than sorry

4. Politics or political views.  Unless either of you are a working member within politics, you may want to save this topic for date number two or three.  First, give yourself the opportunity to find out why you liked the other person enough to consider going on a date in the first place.  While discovering your dates’ political choices and preferences are very important, knowing your date’s HIV status should rank higher on your list of questions to ask on date number one.   #AlwaysScanYourSwagger


5. Ask for a kiss or public display of affection.   We’ve all seen the movies where two people instantly connect upon meeting and immediately share a kiss.  We at SwaggerScan.com don’t wish to re-write all of the dating rules based on today’s most pressing issues but, if humanity is to survive the STD crisis then the tradition of a first-date-kiss (usually resulting from a very strong and immediate connection shared by two) must be reevaluated.  Fact:  (2) Two of the (4) four incurable diseases (HIV, HPV, Herpes and Hepatitis B) can be transmissible from a simple kiss.  Unless your date can provide a recent test score, we recommend shelving your first kiss for later.  If you have feelings strong enough to consider any form of intimacy, then you should schedule a romantic second date at a local testing facility #AlwaysScanYourSwagger

When verifying whether someone has or doesn’t have an STD remember that you shouldn’t just rely on your date’s verbal confirmations.  Trust should only be granted after verification and getting tested together is the safest and most effective method for knowing for certain.

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