🎗When it comes to dating and millennials, living young wild and free is considered both a part of life and a divine right for many college students.  Wildly popular movie streaming services have not only provided couples with more to do, but millennial daters have been known to use movie streaming services to schedule house-dates.  Proof can be illustrated by the use and growth of the popular hashtag – #NetflixandChill.

We at SwaggerScan wish to remind everyone to be aware of the risk involved with this kind of behavior.  We offer a new term – #SwaggerScanandChill into the social lexicon and hashtag family in hopes of better protecting daters from an unwanted circumstance.


If you’re sexually active but fail at verifying your partner’s status through viewing his/her recent test results, you may have an STD!  Or, (let’s hope) you do not have an STD but by operating in such a way,e luck to soon run out.  According to the CDC, an estimated 70% of gonorrhea infected each year are among 15-24yrs old.  And with the advent of products that cure impotence, both the ‘Gen X’ genereation (those born 1965 to 1976) and the ‘Baby Boomers’ have been impacted by this problem. 

What can we do?

Start small and get tested!  One of the many benefits to getting tested is gaining personal confidence.  Yes, getting tested is scary no matter how often you do it, but avoiding testing could lead to more significant issues both for yourself and others.

Next, increase the ‘swaGGer’

The nurse hands you your results and you are ecstatic!  After realizing you’ve just celebrated out loud in front of everyone in the clinic, you gather yourself and begin flirting with the medical receptionist.  Welcome fine sir, you now have REAL swaGGer!  We encourage you to capture this feeling of relief by joining swaGGerscan of course, but also incorporate important habits into the get-to-know.

‘I don’t think I have to worry about STDs’

The STD/STI problem exists in almost every pocket of society and, a
s we’ve stated in previous posts, this is NOT only a domestic issue.  But we also want to make it clear that this isn’t just a problem for those who have more frequent intimate encounters.  No, this affects us all.
What am I doing wrong?By acting in risky behavior (for example: not using condoms/contraceptives, not properly screening any intimate partner, and/or sharing needles) your odds of contracting an STD increases.  Think of your sex life and personal health as something of high value that can only be guarded and protected by you.  Now is no time to be timid when it comes to protecting yourself and your future!

How do I begin protecting my ‘swaGGer’?

You can begin the conversation by discussing genetic/hereditary traits within the family tree.  Once discussed, this topic can easily be revisited throughout the relationship while also building trust.

Why swaGGerscan is the future of online dating:

Our goal as your socially responsible dating service with swaGGer, is to inspire more testing.  In closing, we at swaGGerscan would like to thank and congratulate you for getting tested and we invite you to join our popular new service made just for you.    #AlwaysScanYourSwagger
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