🎗When time permits, all couples should travel together as much as possible.  Sharing space, engaging in deep discussions, and creating flashpoint memories are what make good relationships great.  If your online dating experience leads to a face-to-face, and that face-to-face encounter leads you two to explore a relationship, be sure to travel together to strengthen your connection and build romance.  Just as road trips and couple-vacations can be a great experience and enhance the bond between two people, having a vacation take a wrong turn due to a bad habit can push your relationship into a ditch.  Below are a list of 4 harmful travel habits to avoid:

1) All Hail Mapquest

  Traveling together as a couple should be an experience void of stress and anxiety.  This means that Mapquest is your friend and, if you and your partner happen to wonder away from your hotel location, Mapquest is STILL your friend.  Getting lost together should only be a metaphor and not a reality while traveling together.

2)  Don’t be that person

  Whether by plane or by train, you should know and follow all travel rules and restrictions.  A lack of preparation can lead to more charges for your extra luggage and create a spectacle for the both of you.  If travel oversights continue, your mate could become unenthusiastic when considering future travel plans.  Conform and Enjoy.

3)  Music

Couples traveling by car will surely have to share the music experience.  This means finding common ground when it comes to a musical playlist.  Unless your Lil Wayne and you have a hot mixtape, a gentleman should defer to the women to lead the way.  For you, the mission should be to find a song within her playlist that you like.  This approach will provide the opportunity for you to show a little chivalry while also inspiring her become interested in knowing your favorite music.

4)  Grab the Wheel Sometimes Will Ya! 

Going on a road trip together will also mean delegating driving responsibilities between the two of you.  Although one person may assume this task, it should never be assumed that the other person will be the ‘DD’ (designated driver) in the relationship.  Unless the both of you have mutually agreed that one of you drives during road trips, be sure to offer to drive, especially when/if your partner becomes sleepy. This will keep your partner from feeling like the costar in ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ and will keep them enthused about the idea of future road trips together.  It takes two!

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