🎗Never let the good vibes override your better judgment

One of the great wonders of the online experience is when we actually fall for someone we meet on social media.  One moment they’re in our notifications and the next, you two are talking and texting till the A.M.  All the while the anticipation builds for a face to face encounter.  And after putting apprehension aside, we go on a date with a worthy online connection…..and things go great!  Turns out, the person you met the ‘Net’ is actually interesting and charming in person.  And most of all their physical appearance aligns with the photos associated with their social media accounts!  They may even be more attractive in person.  The point is – you took the leap of faith and the online encounter appears to be a real life opportunity for romance.

There you are in the middle of a date with this new in-person heartthrob, pretending to converse while gazing into the eyes wondering why they’re single.  This is your moment to grab some SwaggerScan magic and sprinkle it into the conversation to help protect yourself.  If you met on SwaggerScan and discussed the health awareness topic then you can easily pic up where you left off online and begin discussing verification.  Even first dates go well and the person has seemingly met the traditionally normal requirements for dating, still there is more you must discover.

For SwaggerScan’s Second Law of Virtue, we’ve prepared helpful pointers for both men and women who are considering dating an online acquaintance.

Men: The problem is the guy in the mirror

Although it may seem that men and women share equal blame for the STD crisis, studies show that more women than men get tested.  SwaggerScan challenges all men to come forth, get tested and help save the world!  By simply raising your own standards, men can instantly change the state of the world.  Yes, your individual actions can impact the world by simply Scanning Your Swagger!

Dating Tip: How many brownie points do you think you’ll earn by scheduling a second date at a free local testing facility?  Couple a-hundred?  A thousand maybe?

Women: Don’t become hypnotized by the 5 C’s

So what the hunk you’ve been waiting now sits across from you on your first dinner date.  No time to become starry eyed!  Time to talk health!  Don’t be distracted by your dates cologne, their intoxicating conversation, their credit cards, their car or the growing crush factor you may be experiencing.  Begin by asking ‘Mr Man’ if he’s heard of SwaggerScan and watch his reactions after a quick google search of what our brand is all about.  Protect yourself at all times no matter how great a guy appears to be, you must remain insistent and consistent.

Dating Tip: By insisting on your partner getting tested (or getting tested together), you can covered an important topic detrimental to your personal health; one that can easily be revisited throughout the remainder of the relationship and keep you protected.  Remember that things may not work and you don’t want any unnecessary baggage! 

*SwaggerScan warns that by failing to cover certain health topics with an intimate partner, you increase the chances of contracting an STD/STI.  And if you’re worried that discussing such topics during a date may damper the romantic flame, we suggest you do a quick google using your city zip code and the phrase ‘STD’s’ and see what pops up!  If you expect to escape the single life free of disease then its time to upgrade the way you meet online.  #AlwaysScanYourSwagger 

* Click here to review SwaggerScan’s First Law of Intimate Virtue


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