Ending things safely (and getting over breakup)

🎗While the internet has become a common place for singles to meet, we can all agree that the universal rules of engagement have yet to be established.  For instance, what happens when things don’t quite work out in your favor?  What happens when your online acquaintance becomes overbearing or even offensive?  What happens when you want to end all communication?  Meeting online is made easily accessible to all (or anyone with internet access) and now more than ever before people are joining dating apps.


A successful online dating experience relies heavily upon whether the chemistry that two people have established online can be matched when they meet face to face.  And while there exists tons of “Successful Online Dating” articles in the universe, not many explain how to carefully end things after interest is lost from one of these encounters.  Below, we’ve provided helpful pointers for safely and effectively backing off if this ever happens to you:

 If you aren’t feeling them

  • 1)  Be Nice.  Make sure to be nice while carrying out your exit strategy.  You must remember that, although things didn’t go well on this particular date, this person is still (temporarily) connected on social media.  Ending communication after a face to face encounter with an online acquaintance can be difficult and ending things on a bad note can make the internet universe seem rather small.  When chemistry is lost after online acquaintances meet face to face, this concept of this new style of dating online dating can be an extreme letdown.   TIP: Imagine if the roles where reversed and then act accordingly.
  • 2) Tell them.  When it comes to online dating, singles online stand the same chance at success as singles who meet in person.  This means that there most who participate will more than likely experience at least one unsavory encounter.  When this occurs, the best way to end things is to communicate.  Once a lack of interest has been revealed, the revealing party should refrain from sending any mixed signals and just move on.  Becoming platonic pen pals may lead to more confusion.  TIP: After stating your position clearly, use your privacy settings to further make things clear.  Most dating apps have privacy settings which are created for moments like this.  Use them.

 If, after meeting, they don’t seem to be into you

  • 1)  Haven’t heard from your internet-boo since meeting them in-person?  In the words of blues legend B.B. King ‘The Thrill is Gone’.  No sign is more clear that things have come to an end than when the other party becomes unresponsive (An act referred to as ‘ghosting‘).  When it comes to online dating, a passive response seems to be the response of choice for most.  TIP:  Hanging on in hopes of changing someone’s mind or convincing them of your value only works in… well, it just never really works.  Turn the page and take it in stride and move on.
  • 2)  Getting to know someone romantically through online dating can create a buildup of excitement and anticipation but can also lead to big disappointment when things don’t go as expected.  If this happens to you then you must consider this to be the small price to bare for having access to an extended amount of singles on a given dating site.  For most, it is virtually impossible to pick a winner with just one attempt.  Consider the few unfortunate experiences you may encounter when dating online to be isolated events and continue in your pursuit of finding online love.  TIP: Hit ‘refresh’ on your dating profile, more singles-profiles await!

*Final Thoughts

While online dating features the ability to instantly connect with other online daters, still it takes two.  If things don’t workout with you and your connection, we recommend that you avoid posting your discontent or any details of the interactions on social media.

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