Deciphering a worthy candidate

🎗You may be too busy a person to meet people and decide to give online dating a try.  Or, you may just want to try something new or different and figured – why not try online dating.  As we all are, I’m sure you are looking to have a positive experience and avoid the negative.  It is now a common occurrence for people to find love on the internet.  So much so that even celebs are now indulging and, according to The Daily Mail, a fifth of all relationships now begin online.  While all of this is true, still the odds of an internet connection turning into an actual relationship is rather low.  It brings into question the reasoning behind this occurrence because, as it stands, online dating is far more transparent than meeting for the first time in person.  With online dating we spend less time focusing on our acquaintances physical appearance, and more time getting to know them through messaging.  Below, we highlight several things to do before and after the friend’s request has been accepted.

“Always Scan Your Swagger”

When it comes to sending or accepting a request from a total stranger, one should take observation of a few things:

Take the time to examine their profile page for common interests the both of you may share.  This simple observation can save you a great deal of time wasted and it may even prevent an unfortunate outcome.  TIP: Also take notice of your new acquaintances’ internet-etiquette and even their grammar and expressions when communicating. This can highlight how well educated the person may be and you can also gauge their respect for others.
When it comes to online dating, immediate communication is normally for the thirsty… until it isn’t.  If you happen to find yourself communicating with your new acquaintance shortly after the request has been accepted then this is actually a good sign.  On the internet, when two people find a mutual impulse to communicate, it usually means the interest is genuine.  TIP: While there may be budding interest between the two of you, be sure to go at a mutual pace.  As rapidly as things can progress when it comes to online dating, things can also quickly head south, especially if the interest to continue getting to know each other becomes off balance.


Avoid ‘liking’ or commenting on any of their photos or postings until you’ve established their availability.  Just because you two are now connected as internet friends does not mean they’re single.  Given the complexities of some relationships, your new acquaintance could be in the process of ending a relationship.  And by leaving a comment under their recently posted beach-selfie, your typed compliments could create unintended chaos.  TIP: During communication with your new acquaintance, it may be a good idea to explain your reasoning for not ‘liking’ their photos.  Your caution may come off as refreshing and could be well received by your newly befriended internet connection.

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