Model - Anastasiya Anokhina

📊 Give yourself a point for each ‘yes’:


*1 ‘YES’ = Single much? You may be too selfish to be in any kind of productive or lasting relationship. While it is said that you must give Love to receive Love, try giving Love without anything in return. And for goodness sake, get a pet!

*2 ‘YES’s’ = Try increasing the amount of people in your life to Love. Try befriending someone who’s completely different from you. The world needs you to try Love more often.

*3 ‘YES’s’ = You are at a very important stage. Graduate to a Master-Love level by taking audit of who or what you currently Love. Add and apply balance where necessary. Remember, history will always favor those on the right side of Love

*4 ‘YES’s’ = Congratulations, you are at Expert-level for experiencing a healthy love. Although it is important to Love without expectation, be careful choosing a partner who gives you the Love you deserve.

*5 ‘YES’ = Giving Love is who you are! We encourage you to embrace your impulses and lead from your heart. Rely on your own good judgment more than turning to others for advice.

*6 ‘YES’s’ = You exude Love and expressing your Love comes naturally. Stay on the path and enrich your environment by adding and influencing more like-minded people!

*7👑 ‘YES’s’ = Congratulations, your Love can change the world! Ever thought of a career in politics?

Let’s begin:


-Do you, or have you ever loved a pet?

-Do you love yourself?

-Do you love your neighbor?

-Is there anyone you love who has a cultural background completely different than yours?

-Do you love someone who doesn’t love you?

-Do you love someone with political or religious beliefs that are different from your own?

-Do you practice and execute love?

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning”

-Paulo Coelho



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