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🎗The internet and online dating have come quite a long way since the early days when Gary Kremen invented online dating.  In fact, according to Online Dating Magazine’, there are now more than 2,500 online dating services in the U.S. alone.  With some of the most outlandish fetishes one can think of, almost every human dating preference is represented within the ever growing online dating market.  There even exists a dating service for zombies and zombie lovers (*PLEASE NOTE: if you are here for zombies, you’re ‘scanning’ the wrong location).  But with popularity comes foul play.  The rash of user-data breaches across the internet has made its’ way to dating sites which are now experiencing an uptick in malicious encounters

If your ‘internet friend’ is a REAL profile, they would have:

a link on there Profile. For the sake of growing their following, REAL PEOPLE will sometimes provide other ways to connect with them on other platforms.  If the link provides more context and insight into who they are then more than likely they are real. (*PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT imply that any of our methods are full proof ways of determining a real or fake account.  We offer these pointers to serve as HELP for identifying such)
group photos. Group photos with tagged friends is always good.  If the person has a perfect balance of ‘selfies’ along with group photos, this could be a sign of their authenticity
‘recent activity’.  Most social media platforms feature the ability to view recent postings made by those you share a connected with.  Some (like SwaggerScan) will even allow you to view their activities before connecting.  In fact, we advise that you do a little snooping before inviting someone new into your online community (especially if you’ve ever experienced being trolled, stalked or hacked)
TIP: It’s O.K. to have digital standards when you’re considering your own.  Remember, standards protect us better than walls ever will.
‘Always Scan Your Swagger’

Get Tested

It may be a FAKE profile if:

they look like an undiscovered model.  If the profile appears too good to be true then more than likely it is.  Not suggesting there isn’t someone perfect for you out there.  But if you connect with someone on the internet who’s totally engaging, has hobbies and tastes that match your own, and has profile photos that model-like profile photos, and attributes,
it seems too good to be true. Yes, stalkers, trolls and bots have time.  You may think no will ever take the time to match their tastes, hobbies and mutual friends with you but thing again.  Stalkers, trolls, bots and even bitter ex’s have been known to use maniacal tactics to influence their prey to connect and communicate.  One bad connection can make the internet experience less like a shopping mall and more like a dark alley
*Remember, fake profiles are a real thing and quite common on dating sites.  If you ever discover one of your connections to be a fake profile, be careful trying to rationalize any further.  Outing them can be unproductive and extremely dangerous.  Mental health is a serious condition and the person operating the fake account could have a few issues of their own.  For this reason, we recommend discontinuing any and all communication with this account and the person operating the account.  We have also included a few additional pointers
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Here are 7 Ways to tell if your online connection is psychotic:

1. If, after accepting their request, they immediately try connecting with you on other platforms
2. If they always seem to be online when you are and answer back immediately after every text
3. If, after accepting their request, they immediately ‘like’ and comment on more than a few of your photos
4. They tell you information about yourself that you have yet to tell or explain
5. If you notice they’ve connected with people from your friends list
6. You notice them to have or post radical responses when national or world disasters occur
7. And if they tell you they don’t like #SwaggerScan – RUN!


Revenge Porn. If you have been harmed or bothered by someone with a fake profile, report it to site administrators and/or local authorities who can appropriately aid you in putting the matter behind you


So forget building the next hybrid robot complete with human emotion.  What technology needs most is digital humanity and socially responsible services.  While more people around the world are still discovering technology for the first time, technology itself is still in the infant stage, and still needing more constructs that help protect humanity from itself.

And while tech has changed human relationships, its time for human relationships change technology.  To the dreamers, inventors and tech innovators, the world awaits your socially responsible contribution.  In the meantime, please join and support

SwaggerScan – #AlwaysScanYourSwagger



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