About SwaggerScan

I’m Dia Hicks, Founder and CEO of SwaggerScan.com.

Founded in 2013, our mission is to help end the spread of sexual infections by offering a service that reflects today’s most pressing needs when it comes to dating. Our focus is to help stabilize sexual infections by allowing those who are proud of knowing their status to meet others who feel the same way. We provide a cool reason to get tested and a comfortable setting for you to easily ask the most important questions regarding disclosure of one’s health status. We allow for two people to feel confident when interacting which sets the course for a smart and healthy encounter that helps lead to a deeper and safer experience.

SwaggerScan encourages smart, safe and fun encounters and will feature tools to further this experience.  Located in the state of Florida, our a team is made up of passionate individuals all possessing administrative experience in the health education field and we are excited to bring this timely service to the world.

Thank you for finding and choosing SwaggerScan.com. Enjoy!